Time to say hi again!

May 30, 2012

Wow, it has been 6 months since my last blog post. This time, I welcome you with the brand new design that is super minimalist, clean and fast.

The fact that I needed to test the script I’m writing for my start-up pulled the trigger because I realized that my old site was running since 2009 without any updates. And I thought I shouldn’t blame my website for it; instead, I could redesign and redevelop it!

Well to be honest, some of the scripts that I used at the time such as sIFR became outdated as the time went by. Now I don’t need to use Flash, thanks to web fonts! On another note, HTML5 is killing Flash, I feel it and I support it regarding the switch to mobile browsers. Well, as you can see I used JQuery heavily (for you noon-geeks JQuery is the thing that makes that fade-in effect, portfolio slides, etc. possible) to bring much more dynamic feeling to this minimalist design. And above all, I put readability first. I believe I made the right choice of font, spacing and size after being involved in typography for some time.

So, here I am! From now on, I’ll try to use this space much more than I do Facebook. I guess Facebook and Twitter killed blogs for some people. When you have all the people in your social circle already watching you, you realize that you don’t need to talk about your life somewhere else! But well, this site carries a different meaning for me as it also showcases my work and tells my story.

As a side note, the share buttons you see when you click on Read More generates donations to a charity of your choice (currently only no choice, only Wikipedia!). So, you share the content as you would normally do, and you support what you want to without paying a dime, only because you exist on planet earth! Now that is called online democracy and we called it Altruad. Yes folks, it is the start-up I’m working on with my friends, and I’m first testing them here. I hope you like the idea; any feedback is appreciated!

Will post some more soon, stay in touch folks!

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