McGill Entrepreneurs Society

January 2011 - May 2014


STORY: When I first started my undergrad at McGill, I was looking for an entrepreneurial community to join. Shortly after, I was selected as the VP IT of McGill Entrepreneurs Society. I pursued that position for 2 years and when the organization was at the make-it-or-break-it-moment because of bad management, I ran for president and was elected. I have pursued this role for 2 years. I have built the MES brand from scratch and turned it into a large organization with 1000+ members, one third of which were entrepreneurs and investors. Although MES is not a company, it has been an important building block in my entrepreneurial journey. I have made many important contacts, practiced my leadership, created innovative initiatives and hosted worldwide events that hosted ~1000 people.

WHAT IS IT?: McGill Entrepreneurs Society is the only student-run club dedicated to promote and celebrate the entrepreneurial spirit in McGill community and Montreal. It is encouraging students to start businesses, connects students with entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs with investors. McGill Startup Career Fair organized by MES is a great opportunity to meet successful startups worldwide on campus. MES’s Startup Cocktails is a great opportunity to meet Montreal’s entrepreneurs and investors. And finally and recently, MES Thinkathons are where ideas are built. In conclusion, as a McGillian, if you want to build your dream, McGill Entrepreneurs Society is the place to start.

McGill Startup Fair 2014 attracted ~1000 students and 33 companies around the world. This made us the largest startup fair in Montreal ever. Here is the article on TechVibes and here is another one at the Bull&Bear.

STATUS: MES is still active today with a new leadership team after I left McGill. After several different experiments, I think we have nailed the best organizational structure and efficiency to ensure continuity.

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