Obama will visit Turkey

Mar 12, 2009

After I came to Turkey from the trip to Portugal, I saw that everyone was excited because of Obama‘s planned trip to Turkey in April. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton came to Turkey and talked with Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan. In this meeting, Hillary Clinton explicated that Obama will be visiting Turkey in April. This statement of Clinton caused a general excitement in Turkey; everyone tried to guess the goal of Obama’s choice to visit our country. Turkish politicians said that it was because of the fact that Turkey is the most powerful country in its region and a predominantly Muslim and secular country. These seems to be logical reasons of Obama’s planned trip to Turkey. Apparently, Barack Obama will address to all Muslim countries from Turkey and try to establish peace between them and USA.

So, this choice of Obama can be seen as his first step to peace with Muslim countries and USA. In my opinion, Obama is the only leader to end the prejudices of both sides, Muslims and American people. Besides, everything about Obama’s peace establishing plans for Muslim countries will be clarified next month; I’m waiting curiously to see what will happen.

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