Eternity has been discovered!

Jan 27, 2009

Eternity is chosen as subject of many films, stories and novels, and now, it became real! A specy of jellyfish which lives in deep ocean is found to be immortal. Scientists noticed that this specy called Turritopsis Nutricula could go back to its childhood after its adulthood; this cycle goes on and on. Furthermore, this specy can only die when it is killed just like the Elfs of Tolkien.

The famous Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute of Panama stated that this specy of jellyfish is being rejuvenated by sex. According to this statement, when this specy which has a height of 5 milimeters grows up and cannot reproduce, evolves genetically and returns to its childhood. Moreover, this process of evolving goes on and on which makes this specy eternal.

Now that the first eternal specy has been found, can scientists use this situated information to make humans eternal? Many people want to be eternal and live forever. In my opinion, life would get very boring if you had a chance to live forever; consequently, I hope that scientists can find eternity and help the science to move on, but eternity is something that I do not want to have!

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