Buying gifts for your loved ones just got easier

Jun 20, 2012

I came across a new website today called Wantful. Looks like they really nailed the process of choosing gifts for your loved ones by just asking you simple questions about him/her.

You start with filling in the blanks:

You’re creating a __\_ gift for ___\_ , who is ____ and is your _____ .

First blank: Occasion, second: name, third: gender, fourth: relationship.

Then you are asked these questions:

  • Where would she like to spend his free time?
  • Which of these homes would she want to live in?
  • What range of styles seems most like she?
  • When it comes to food, she lives to eat / eats to live.
  • When it’s comes to cooking, she loves it / hates it.
  • Her kitchen is basic / nearly a restaurant.
  • She never/sometimes/always listens to music and never/sometimes/always sings along.
  • How organized  is she?

After responding to those through the nice interactive interface, you are then given a list of products he/she might be interested in.

Then you can print it and mail it to him/her or yourself, send it via Facebook or via email. Pretty cool right?

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