A MP and party leader died in a helicopter crash

Mar 31, 2009

A helicopter crashed in the mountains called Kes Mountains near the city Kahramanmaras. There were 6 people in this plane; 5 of them were the members of the Great Union Party whereas the other was a cameraman in Ihlas News Agency. The cameraman was the only one to survive after the crash; furthermore, he called the emergency and wanted help. His recorded speech showed that his leg was broken and he was struggling to stay alive in the snowy weather.

Corpses of 5 members of the Great Union Party, including the president of the party Muhsin Yazicioglu, was found 3 days later. The cameraman Ismail Gunes’s corpse was found 2 days later, after his struggle to stay alive.

It was wonderful to see the other politicians offering their condolences to the Muhsin Yazicioglu’s family, even if they shared different political opinions. May God rest all of those people in peace…

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